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Summer Bridge Activities®, Grades 1 - 2 Review

Summer Bridge Activities®, Grades 1 - 2  Manufacturer: Summer Bridge Activities

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Give your soon-to-be second grader a head start on their upcoming school year with Summer Bridge Activities: Bridging Grades 1-2. With daily, 15-minute exercises kids can review two-digit place value and verb tenses and learn new skills like measurement and compound words. This workbook series prevents summer learning loss and paves the way to a successful new school year.

And this is no average workbook―Summer Bridge Activities keeps the fun and the sun in summer break! Designed to prevent a summer learning gap and keep kids mentally and physically active, the hands-on exercises can be done anywhere. These standards-based activities help kids set goals, develop character, practice fitness, and explore the outdoors. With 12 weeks of creative learning, Summer Bridge Activities keeps skills sharp all summer long!

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