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Animals on the Other Side Review

Animals on the Other Side  Manufacturer: Angel Bea Publishing
Author(s): Sylvia Browne, Chris Dufresne

Binding: Hardcover

Average Rating: Not yet rated

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The New York Times–bestselling author and psychic Sylvia Browne and her son explain for pet owners of all ages what animals experience when their life on earth is over and what is waiting for them when they return home to the other side. Popular questions such as Does my pet miss me? Did he know I loved him? Can he hear me when I talk to him? Can he come back to visit me? and How will I be able to find my pet when I go home? are answered. The story begins when the spirit of Browne's dog, Jolie, leaves her body and goes home to live on the other side. Jolie runs, jumps, and plays with her eternal friends all around the world, devoid of the pain and suffering she was experiencing on earth. This is a comforting account of a pet's journey through one life and on to the next that explains how animals enjoy eternal happiness right alongside the people who love them.

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